Well Year 5 I have to say I’m very sad that you’ll be leaving me to go year 6 in September. You have been a brilliant class to work with all year and you should all be proud of the progress you have made! I just wanted to know, what was the highlight of your Year 5? What have you enjoyed the most? Was it a particular time, event or person?

Let us know in a comment below!

Thanks for being a FANTASTIC class and enjoy your summer!


Mr Lyons

11 thoughts on “END OF THE YEAR”

  1. The hilight of the year for us is when we went to maths on the move at Wigan rugby club, it was fun, challenging and exciting.

  2. Well I have really enjoyed y5 its been the best year ever! I loved making ice lollies and have loved the art lessons to as it is my favourite lesson. I don’t really have a favourite part of the year I have loved every bit of it I don’t want to leave y5 thanks for being the best teacher ever and giving me the best year ever thank you Mr Lyons


  3. I have really enjoyed year 5 this year, my faviroute part was doing the Christmas play and all the acting we have done this year.
    I am so sad to be leaving you but I’m excited to be in year six next year!

  4. I enjoyed everything in year 5 especially making the ice lollies.I would like to thank mr. Lyons for being such an amazing teacher and I am very sad to be leaving year 5.

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