And challenge

imageWelcome me to the weekly writing challenges. Each week the challenge is a little different and the winner gets to take home the fantastic writer of the week trophy, to show off just how amazing they are at writing!


Your first challenge is to write a diary entry. Imagine this is our class pet, it is your turn to take him home this weekend and write about all of the things you got up to with it! But was it well behaved? Or was it extremely mischievous? You decide! However, you cannot use the word AND in your writing!


im looking forward to seeing your entries!


Mr Lyons


Canoeing fun!


Yesterday we we had lots of fun down at Trencherfield mill, having a go at canoeing with Jeff and Ste and then completing a fun science experience all about upthrust and what happens to water when we place an object in it with Les. I’m sure we all agree it was quite tiresome in the strong winds (it even made Ste ‘s hat blow off of his head into the water!), but it was really fun none the less!  I’d really like to know, what was your favourite part of the day?

Mr Lyons