I hope you all enjoyed playing the trapped game last week, all about conjunctions. This week’s Trapped game is all about using correct punctuation. Have fun playing the games and leave a comment again to say that you have played! (Just click on the picture of the Trapped logo to see the game!)


Mr Lyons



Well done everyone who managed to read Double Act last week and write your answers in the comments, even Mrs Charnley was very impressed!

This week, your task is to read Chapter 1 of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and answer the following questions about it. Simply click on the book cover and it well take you to the book!

(Don’t worry if you like the book so much that you want to carry on reading, we have copies for you to loan from the library!)

Leave your answers again in a comment:

1. What is the name of this chapter?

2. Where does Uncle Vernon work?

3. What is the black cat reading?

4. What is the black cat’s full name?

5. Who is the old man, who meets the cat at the end of the chapter?

6. Who was the BIG man?

7. Why did Hagrid cry when he left Harry on the doorstep?

8.  What does Dumbledor use to put out the lights?

9. What name does Uncle Vernon over hear?

10. What is the name of the street where Harry is left?


Good luck!

Mr Lyons


Your maths homework from the blog this week is to watch the video about dividing fractions by Flocabulary, then explain to someone at home how to do it! Leave a comment to say you have seen it and how your family member/ friend got on when you taught them how to divide fractions!

Was your teaching so good that they could they answer this question?


Mr Lyons

Austin’s feel good flapjacks!


Check out Austin’s interactive homework video on how to make some ‘Feel Good Flapjacks!’ He chose the ‘masterchef’ homework, which was to make a meal which was fit for a hiker climbing the toughest of mountains.

They look scrumptious Austin! I can’t wait to follow your recipe! Maybe you could try making them at home too. Do you like Austin’s video? Leave a comment to let him know.


Mr Lyons



For your homework this weekend, click on the book cover to be taken to the e-book and read pages 1-5  and answer the following questions in a comment!

1. What are the names of the twins?

2. Can you list any differences between Ruby and Garnet?

3.  What are Ruby’s ‘special weakness’?

4. Who came first at sports day?

5. Who is the eldest twin?

6.  Why aren’t Dad’s eyes always open properly?

7. Who made all of the twins clothes?

8. Would you be friends with the twins? Why or why not?

9.  Why were the twins a ‘laughing stock’ at school?

10. What does laughing stock mean?


I can’t wait to see your answers!

Mr Lyons

SPAG task


Today’s SPaG task is to have a go at playing the trapped game all about correct puntuation (how fun!). Just simply click on the picture to play!

Once you have completed both games, please leave a comment to show it has been completed! We will go through the game next week!


P.S you will need a laptop/ computer to play this game. It won’t work on ipads- sorry!


Have fun!

Mr Lyons