Super Spellings

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Well done to my super spellers. You’ve all worked incredibly hard this week with our spelling rule of dropping the ‘e’ before adding a suffix with a vowel.

Don’t forget to keep working on your spellings before Monday.

Here is a little reminder of the words:

nicest, sensible, cycling, tasty, famous, observant, ,making, tickling, creation, persuaded, smiled, appreciate, apparent, aggressive


Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

In year 6 we have already begun to explore our new Geography topic – Natural disasters.

We have had a lot to talk about already with Hurricane Irma and Storm Aileen.

   Can you find out anything about volcanoes?

  • How are they formed?
  • What makes them erupt?
  • How much damage do they cause?
  • What temperatures can the lava reach?

Leave your notes in the comments below.