Mini Ancient Greek Olympics

Watch the video here:

Year 3 had a fantastic time at our Ancient Greek Olympics.  We dressed up in our chitons, although the original competitors competed naked.  We didn’t think Mrs Charnley would be happy with that!  We had competitors from three Greek polis – Athens, Sparta and Corinth.  We had five events – sprint, javelin, discus (bean bag throw), long jump and chariot (wheelbarrow!) race.  Everyone tried really hard and had a lot of fun too.  We had a sacred truce for the event which meant that we weren’t allowed to fight with our enemies.  These were the results:

Gold Medal – Corinth

Silver Medal – Athens

Bronze Medal – Sparta

Everyone demonstrated a fantastic attitude and were very supportive of each other.  Well done Year 3!


Moving Monsters

We completed our Design Technology topic on moving monsters.  The children used their own pneumatic system to make a moving part on their monster.  There are some very creative children in Year 3!

summer 117
Inflatable ears!
summer 112
Watch my stomach grow!
summer 101
Blowing bubblegum!

summer 085 summer 088 summer 090




This week – commencing 15th June

We are planning to complete our moving monsters this week so don’t forget to bring in your boxes if you haven’t already done so.

Don’t forget that we are planning to have our own Ancient Greek Olympics on Thursday afternoon so bring your chiton (sheet/towel/scarf, etc) if you plan to wear one.

If you would like to make your own Olympic torch at home then we would love to have some.

We are continuing to make our own Spartan helmets out of papier mache so you are welcome to bring in from home any embellishments you many want, such as buttons, foil, braiding, feathers, etc.

Mrs Fairhurst


Ancient Greek Mini Olympics

Year 3 will be having their own mini Ancient Greek Olympics.  The children are invited to wear their own “chiton” over their P.E. kits.  This can be a sheet, a towel, a pashmina or a piece of material, draped over one shoulder and secured around the waist with a dressing gown belt or a rope.  The children will be running so knee length would be ideal.  We have talked about this in class and I have worn our table cloth so all the children know what they can use.  Please do not feel the need to buy an outfit, I myself will be sporting a rather nice cotton sheet!  I hope that they all decide to join in the fun, although it is not compulsory to dress up if they would rather not.  We are aiming to do this on the 18th of June (weather permitting) so if they could bring it in at the beginning of that week, in a named bag, we would appreciate it.

Thank you for your support – Mrs Fairhurst