Moving Monsters

This week the children will be completing their moving monsters using pneumatic systems.  We will be providing balloons, syringes and tubing but the children will need to bring their own boxes, tubes, cartons, bottle tops, etc. to build and decorate their monsters.

Thank you for your support – Mrs Fairhurst

This week – by star reporters Eve and Hannah


This week in History we have been making freeze frames of ancient greek battles.  We had to pretend to have either a spear, a sword, a shield, a chest plate or a helmet and talk about how good each weapon would have been in battle.


In English we are learning about poetry.  We looked at puns and riddles.  We had to match up puns which were a play on words, for example:  Where do polar bears vote?  At the North Polling station! We are going to write our own puns and riddles soon.