Clarice Cliff Bowls

Our Clarice Cliff bowls are now complete!  We popped the balloons and cut out the shape of a bowl.  Then we painted the outside a pale colour and the inside a dark colour.  After that we drew the outline of the flowers on the bowl.  We had to do this upside down! Finally we  painted the flowers on our bowls.  We will be bringing these home at the end of this term.

science March 026clarice cliff 003 clarice cliff 007

Our Friction Experiment

We had jellytastic fun in Year 3 this week.  The children had to time themselves transferring jelly coated in oil between two bowls using plastic sticks.  They had to wrap different materials around the end of the sticks to create friction to reduce the time it took.  Our record was 7 seconds using sticks wrapped in bumpy tin March 103

Parents’ Evening

The children will be leaving their books out for you to look at during Parents’ Evening.  They have put post it notes inside showing F for favourite, E for enjoyed and P for proud of.  We would love it if you would leave them a comment if you have enjoyed looking at their work.  I look forward to seeing you all.  Mrs Fairhurst


We have had our first responses to our blog!  The children were delighted to read the comment from Mrs Charnley.  Year 3 are very proud to be part of our very first trial of blogging so a big thank you goes back to her for giving us this opportunity.

Also we send our thanks to Mrs Brown for our first parent comment too – extra brownie points for reading the electronic newsletter with our web address on it!

It is very exciting for the children to know that their parents are out there  keeping track of our blog.  We will check in with our blog on a daily basis so keep your comments coming, we very much appreciate your support.

Year 3 and Mrs Fairhurst


I have been amazed by Year 3 this week (pretty much like every other week really!).  We have been learning how to program kodus to play a game against the computer.  They helped me to create the right algorithms last week and I challenged them to use what they knew to create their own game this week.  It had to have 2 kodus and they had to program one to move with the arrow keys and the other to be moved automatically by the computer.  They had to insert objects to be eaten or swiped by the kodus.  They then added code to score points when each kodu found an object.  When one reached 5 they had to program the game to end and show who was the winner.  What they produced was mind-blowing!  Not only did they do everything I had asked, they also did things I don’t know how to do!  We invited Mrs Broad, our Key Stage Leader, to look at them and she was very impressed :-)  Well done Year 3!  If you would like to download Kodu at home please visit  Unfortunately this is only for windows based computers.


Papier Mache!

With the success of the Clarice Cliff plate designs in our minds we have embarked on a more challenging project.  We are making our own bowls using a balloon and papier mache.  Once they are dry we will be creating our own version of her famous ” crocus” design.  By the end of the lesson we were all pretty much stuck to each other and we owe Miss Wills a big THANK YOU because we all skipped out for playtime and left her with the tidying up!  Mrs Fairhurst.


Clarice Cliff Plate Designs

We have had a great afternoon splashing paint around whilst we made our Clarice Cliff plate designs (Clarice Cliff was a famous ceramic artist during the 1930s and 1940s).  Next week we are attempting to make our own Clarice Cliff style bowl with papier mache!  Don’t forget to send into school any old newspapers that you may have at home.  You will be able to check out our artwork when you come to our classroom for parents’ evening.  Mrs Fairhurst

Welcome to the Year 3 blog!

Welcome to our blog where we plan to keep you up-to-date with all the action from Year 3, live as it happens!  We will try to post comments on some of our activities and the children may be trying their hand at posting to the blog too.  Watch this space, further details soon!  Mrs Fairhurst