dictionary_shutterstock_45765181For this week’s challenge, you’ll need a dictionary. Don’t worry if you don’t have one at home, you can use of the dictionaries in class if needed.

The task is to flick through the dictionary and put your finger on a word ANYWHERE in the dictionary. Repeat this 3 times. For example:

fish          brown             church


Then, you have to use these words in a piece of writing which is NO MORE than 49 words. For example:

Ian was sat in church as usual on a sunday, in his best brown suit. He sat, daydreaming about being allowed to go fishing with his friends on such a wonderful, sunny day.

Tip: you can add suffixes or prefixes to the words too!

Well done to Rory for winning the 3 part challenge over half term, he takes home the trophy this week!


Mr Lyons



Mr Hurst had some mysterious news for us today. He discovered a mysterious pile of what look like eggs or pods next to part of what seems to be some form of aircraft. We have come to the conclusion that they may have come from the asteroid which came close to Earth a few days ago!

We have interviewed Mr Hurst about his discovery and have decided to write our newspaper reports about it in the next few weeks. What could have been inside those eggs? Is there something lurking in the bushes from the hatched egg? Why are they here? What is the red slime that was also spotted at the scene? It’s all very mysterious!


Mr Lyons