After reading the first 3 pages of the chapter and then answer the following questions in a comment! Click on the cover to see the book!

worst witch

1) What is the name of the school?

2) Describe the school.

3) Describe the school uniform.

4) Do you think it was a nice school to go to? Why?

5) What is different to this school than Woodfield?

6) Who is the main character of the story?

7) Is she a good school pupil or not? How do you know?


Have fun!

Mr Lyons


Part of our Maths lesson today is to have a go at playing alien angles. You need to apply your understanding of angles to estimate the sizes to save the aliens! Click on the alien to play the game.



Hi everyone, this week’s comprehension task is on Gangsta Granny. Click on the book cover to read the first chapter then answer the following questions:



1. Why doesn’t Ben like going to Granny’s?

2. What game does Granny like to play?

3.  What is Mum and Dad’s favourite TV programme?

4.  Find the adjectives which are used to describe Flavio Flavioli

5.  Why do Ben’s parents want him to stop thinking about becoming a plumber?

6. Where does Ben’s mum work?

7. What was the best thing to happen in Dad’s career so far?

8.  What street does Granny live on?

9. Why do you think the author decided to call the street this?

10. List 5 adjectives to describe Granny.



Good luck! 

Mr Lyons