Canoeing fun!


Yesterday we we had lots of fun down at Trencherfield mill, having a go at canoeing with Jeff and Ste and then completing a fun science experience all about upthrust and what happens to water when we place an object in it with Les. I’m sure we all agree it was quite tiresome in the strong winds (it even made Ste ‘s hat blow off of his head into the water!), but it was really fun none the less!  I’d really like to know, what was your favourite part of the day?

Mr Lyons

11 thoughts on “Canoeing fun!”

  1. I really enjoyed doing canoeing It was great fun and I loved the experiments too. Thank you for taking us on the trip Mr Lyons !

  2. I loved canoeing especially the part when Hayden splashed me with water. I loved learning about the science it was very fascinating.

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