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imageWelcome me to the weekly writing challenges. Each week the challenge is a little different and the winner gets to take home the fantastic writer of the week trophy, to show off just how amazing they are at writing!


Your first challenge is to write a diary entry. Imagine this is our class pet, it is your turn to take him home this weekend and write about all of the things you got up to with it! But was it well behaved? Or was it extremely mischievous? You decide! However, you cannot use the word AND in your writing!


im looking forward to seeing your entries!


Mr Lyons


2 thoughts on “And challenge”

  1. Dear diary
    It is my day to look after our class pet.
    Today it is my dance show so be good Bob !
    So while my mum was driving very cautiously, I was asleep in our car. Suddenly Bob jumped onto the drivers wheel, mum nearly crashed the car!
    We are here now, I saw my dance teacher called miss Kerry.
    Then while I was getting dressed Bob went out of the changing room then went to the back stage door where he put goo in a big tub.
    Then Miss Kerry came in the door when splash the goo went all over her costume so she couldn’t go on stage. She was furious!
    Then we went back home then I told Bob of for doing that.
    Then he went to Sid my dog sitting on him then he put a pie on
    his face. Bob, instead of dog food he put chocolate in his bowl. Poor Sid was sick!
    For once I am glad to go to school to get rid of Bob!

  2. Dear diary,
    Today I am looking after the class pet,I have been looking forward for this all week.Today is my first day and we are going to the enjoyable park we are going to get an ice cream.After that we are going on the swings ,but…Whoops it’s gone Bobs ice cream!si instead we decide to go home and not make anymore accidents. Luckily it is time to go!

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