Light and how it travels

This term in Science, we are learning about light and how it travels.

We will also be learning about the human eye and how it works.

Have a look around your local environment, how many different sources of light can you find?

Do they make light or reflect light from another source?


WONDER by R.J.Palacio

wonder wonder prompt

We are almost at the end of this fantastic text and everyone in Y6 is very excited to see the film version at the cinema on                         Friday 8th December.

So now take the time to reflect on Wonder. Let me know your opinions about Wonder and the life of Auggie Pullman.

  • Who has been your most/least favourite character?
  • Which parts did you enjoy the most?
  • What lessons have you learned from reading Wonder?
  • Would you recommend this book to a friend? If so why?

Terrifying Tornadoes


As part of our ‘Natural Disasters’ topic, the next area of study will be tornadoes.

Can you find out any information about them?

  • How are they formed?
  • Where do they occur?
  • What wind speeds can they reach?
  • What type of damage can they cause?

Super Spellings

Spelling logo

Well done to my super spellers. You’ve all worked incredibly hard this week with our spelling rule of dropping the ‘e’ before adding a suffix with a vowel.

Don’t forget to keep working on your spellings before Monday.

Here is a little reminder of the words:

nicest, sensible, cycling, tasty, famous, observant, ,making, tickling, creation, persuaded, smiled, appreciate, apparent, aggressive


Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

In year 6 we have already begun to explore our new Geography topic – Natural disasters.

We have had a lot to talk about already with Hurricane Irma and Storm Aileen.

   Can you find out anything about volcanoes?

  • How are they formed?
  • What makes them erupt?
  • How much damage do they cause?
  • What temperatures can the lava reach?

Leave your notes in the comments below.



Well Year 5 I have to say I’m very sad that you’ll be leaving me to go year 6 in September. You have been a brilliant class to work with all year and you should all be proud of the progress you have made! I just wanted to know, what was the highlight of your Year 5? What have you enjoyed the most? Was it a particular time, event or person?

Let us know in a comment below!

Thanks for being a FANTASTIC class and enjoy your summer!


Mr Lyons


viking quest

Today’s history lesson involves you becoming a viking on a quest to raid Lindisfarne for all of its treasures.

Click on the picture to follow the link to the game, choose your options carefully and see if you are successful in capturing Lindisfarne on your longship!

Please comment to say how you did! Did you make it? Did you run out of money? Don’t forget to pay your Danegeld!

Good luck!


Busy coordinates maths

Last week we were fantastic at applying our understanding of shapes and coordinates. I wonder who could earn 5 bonus dojo points for finding the correct coordinates for a b and c?

Can you explain to someone at home how you worked it out or write an explanation in your comment?

I will also give you an extra 5, if you can tell me what is special about a rectangle compared to other regular shapes!


Mr Lyons