The Lost City of Atlantis


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Have you every heard of the Lost City of Atlantis?

Research this ancient Greek legend and let me know what you find out about this mysterious city beneath the waves.

Who built Atlantis?

Where was it supposed to be?

How and why did it disappear?

3 thoughts on “The Lost City of Atlantis”

  1. Poseidon God of sea, storms and earthquakes built the city for a woman he loved.
    The city disappeared into the sea because of earthquakes and floods.
    Some people think it’s under mud lands in Southern Spain whilst others believe it’s somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea.

  2. Plato built the lost city of Atlantis.
    It was supposed to be in the he south west of Morocco.
    Gods sent fire earthquakes which caused Atlantis to sink because people on Atlantis were getting greedy.

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