dictionary_shutterstock_45765181For this week’s challenge, you’ll need a dictionary. Don’t worry if you don’t have one at home, you can use of the dictionaries in class if needed.

The task is to flick through the dictionary and put your finger on a word ANYWHERE in the dictionary. Repeat this 3 times. For example:

fish          brown             church


Then, you have to use these words in a piece of writing which is NO MORE than 49 words. For example:

Ian was sat in church as usual on a sunday, in his best brown suit. He sat, daydreaming about being allowed to go fishing with his friends on such a wonderful, sunny day.

Tip: you can add suffixes or prefixes to the words too!

Well done to Rory for winning the 3 part challenge over half term, he takes home the trophy this week!


Mr Lyons


  1. Fetch

    My old dog can fetch a tennis ball, although he has a bad hip. Somehow he even manages to collapse a deck chair which is amazing!

  2. Chant



    The man wanted to chant for his football team whilst wearing a neon yellow t-shirt which the team wore. Suddenly the man’s favorite player fell so he had to be taken of the pitch.

  3. Place

    bob sat in his favourite place eating every single Crumb of his biscuits,while he was eating his mum asked him to do a favour which was to empty the bins.

  4. Yesterday, I went to a funfair and it was so much fun and at the funfair there was a Mc donalds and I orderd fries with ketchup so i diped in to my ketchup and when I got home I found some wiped cream.

  5. Elbow

    There is a big, black stone in my back garden. I tried to pick it up and put it into a shiny metal bucket but it didn’t end well, I fell over and badly hurt my elbow . It bled all over my shirt!

  6. security , tie , clock

    The security woman, who held a baton, stopped a man, who was wearing a suit and tie , from going into the party because he was carrying a shiny, golden clock . His excuse was that it was a time machine!

  7. Spin

    Me and dad are both alike with our music; we both love Adele. We are going to her concert in a whizzy van where we will dance and spin around!

  8. 1. Field
    2. Side
    3. Miss
    4. I asked my mum whether I could go outside and play cricket on the vast FIELD with my friends , and she replied ‘ yes ‘ so I darted down to the field . It was my turn to bat and when the bowler threw the ball I MISSED it and it rolled to the SIDE of the pitch !

  9. Proud

    I was stuck in a big DILEMMA ,the shopkeeper had a virus, so I needed to find a REPLACEMENT immediately. I journeyed outside and found a man called Bob who had lots of experience. I was so PROUD of myself that day.

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