Our Latest Science Experiment 08.12.15

Year four wanted to find out which liquids did the most damage to egg shells, as we have been learning about taking care of our teeth in Science. We put a hard boiled egg in six separate containers and covered them with different liquids (orange juice, water, milk, coke, vinegar and Mrs Barry’s favourite drink – vimto!) We then left them for a week and today we lifted the lids (some of the results were rather smelly)! Take a look at some photographs of our experiment below:


4 thoughts on “Our Latest Science Experiment 08.12.15”

  1. I loved our science experiment it was so exiting. I loved going around examining the eggs even though some of them really stank. The one in the milk was terrible there was cheese in it. Also the Vimto was worse than terrible, we were in real shock. Are you drinking sugar free Vimto now Mrs Barry? I loved the science experiment it was awesome could we do it again but with different liquids?

    1. What a good idea Megan, which liquids do you think would produce interesting results? I am still shocked about the vimto! It would be interesting to test diluted vimto to see whether it is as bad, I have tried sugar free but it’s just not the same!

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